CloPla 31

We have started volume 7.
With that said, apparently the manga is ending this month, probably due to the lack of LN material.
Thanks to our friends at CAT scans for helping out!
Also, we are recruiting staff right now, if you’re interested, please send us a mail.
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CloPla 30

This marks the end of volume 6! Hurray!

On a side note, we are officially recruiting typesetters, redrawers, and cleaners!

Consider applying if you think you are good enough at any of these roles!

Also, please support us by donating!

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CloPla 29 (and a pledge to stay alive).

Well, I have finally graduated, thus becoming a jobless NEET for the time being! Hurray!

Things should go faster now. Hopefully, I’ll catch up on CloPla up till the latest volume.

Special thanks to CAT scans (especially cloud04) and our readers for bearing with me up til now!

Also, I’ll try to mess around with the site a little. I need to replace batoto links with mangadex ones anyways.