You thought it’s a new Eiyuu Chapter? Jokes on you! [Ichigo 01-03]

Hey everybody!
Today we bring you another new manga!
This time, it’s a CGDCT SoL with many adorable characters and lots of yuri(I think?)! This one is already complete at 4 volumes.
I hope y’all like it.
Special thanks to our friends at CAT Scans for helping us out with the first two chapters!


More and more mango! [Iso Asobi 00]

Hey everybody,
Today, we bring you a new series! TLDR; it’s about a boy helping a hungry girl eat seafood.
After our staff shed lots of blood, sweat, and tears, we have finished the oneshot chapter.
However, we plan to continue working on the serialized version as well, so that our comrades’ sacrifices don’t end in vain. I hope you enjoy the new mango.
Here’s a word from Ankhe as well:
“And thus today, you all shalt know my name! For I am the great Ankhe! And now, you shall read the fruits of my labor… And you shall enjoy it!!” (Book of Mango 16:5)


New members, new projects! [Eiyuu 01]

Hello everyone!

First off, I’d like to welcome and thank our new member Ankhe. We wouldn’t have been able to release this chapter without his help.
Also, special thanks to our veterans, Samishii and Saiyaku, for their hard work.
Finally, I hope you guys get to enjoy the new manga! A non-isekai fantasy with a female(?) main character! What could possibly go wrong?
Hopefully, we will continue releasing consistently with the Japanese version.

PS: We are going to announce more manga soon, so stay tuned!


CloPla 29 (and a pledge to stay alive).

Well, I have finally graduated, thus becoming a jobless NEET for the time being! Hurray!

Things should go faster now. Hopefully, I’ll catch up on CloPla up till the latest volume.

Special thanks to CAT scans (especially cloud04) and our readers for bearing with me up til now!

Also, I’ll try to mess around with the site a little. I need to replace batoto links with mangadex ones anyways.